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All in one integrated watercooling system case is now ready to go! With 5mm sturdy aluminum will ensure durability and anti- vibration along with luxurious aesthetic. On top of that, user- friendly front interface will save you from the hassle of maintaining system in the most convenient and efficient way. Additional 220mm fan on the side can enhance the superb cooling performance for overclocker's needs and expectations.


Dimensions: 480(L) x 220(W) x 450(H) mm
Weight: 15kg (33lb)
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Motherboard Compatibility: Standard ATX / micro ATX
PSU Compatibility: Standard ATX / ATX12V
PCI/AGP Card Compatibility: Full Size
Drive Bays: 3.5" Bay x 5, 5.25" Bay x 4
Front I/O Port: USB Port x 2, IEEE1394(Firewire) Port x 1
Headphones: x 1, MIC x 1

Water Tank:(Reservoir)
Dimensions: 125(L) x 172(W) x 26(H) mm
Weight: 800g
Material:Aluminum Alloy, Acrylic
Coolant Capacity: Max. 300cc

Water Pump:
Power Consumption: 6W, DC 12V
Maximum Flow Rate: 300l/hr
Maximum Lift: 1.8m

220mm Fan
Dimensions: 220(L) x 220(W) x 30(H) mm
Bearing Type: 2 Ball - Bearing
Fan Speed (Min ~ Max): 550rpm ± 10% ~ 850rpm ± 10%

CPU Water Block:
Dimensions: 53(W) x 63(L) x 40(H) mm
Weight: 154g
Material: Pure Copper (Base), Pure Aluminum (Cover)

Coolant: (ZM-G300)
Material: Propylene Glycol & Anti-Corrosion Agent
Volume: 250cc
Freezing Point: -9 ℃
Replacement Cycle: 1 Year

① Fan Speed Gauge Display the 120mm Rear Fan’s rotation speed in real-time.

② FND (Flexible Numeric Display) Temperature Display: Coolant Temperature (upper display), Ambient Temperature (lower display)- Coolant Level Sensing- If the coolant level drops below a threshold level, an alarm will sound and the display will flicker. Please refill with - coolant, if the display flickers.- Coolant Temperature Sensing - If the coolant’s temperature reaches above 60°C(92 ), an alarm will sound and the FND Display will flicker. If the flickering - is observed, please check for problems.

③ Coolant Flow Rate Gauge Displays the coolant’s flow rate in real time.

④ Control Knob Controls the Fan Speed and Coolant Flow Rate.

⑤ °C/℉(Temperature Mode) Button Sets the temperature display to Celsius(°C) or Fahrenheit(℉).

⑥ AUTO/MANUAL Button- AUTO Mode: Automatic fan speed and coolant flow rate.- MANUAL Mode: Allows the user to manually adjust fan speed and coolant flow rate.

⑦ LED/RESET Button- LED On/Off: A short press turn the displays’ LED’s On & Off.- RESET: A long press for at least 5 seconds resets the cooling system.


- Enclosure- CPU Water Block (ZM-WB5)- Jump Cable- Anti-Corrosion Coolant (ZM-G300)- Funnel- Silicone Tube (1m)- 220mm LED Fan- 220mm LED Fan Grill- User’s Manual
User’s Manual

Automatic/manual control of cooling performance and noise
CPU Water Block (ZM-WB5 Plus)
Pure copper-base material water block provides excellent heat transfer, and anodized water block cover prevents corrosion. Connection fitting for the hose is a single-body cover in the form of two connection structure types, which allows for various types of hoses to be used.

Anti-Corrosion Coolant (ZM-G300)

This coolant contains a high quality anti-corrosion agent for various materials including copper, aluminum, plastic, and other metals that prevents corrosion for long term operation

VGA Water Block (Optional)

The VGA Water Block incorporates a light weight pure aluminum base for high cooling performance, and is anodized and coated to prevent corrosion. It also incorporates pivoting fittings for easy installation of hoses.

Northbridge Water Block (ZM-NWB1, Optional)
This anodized, pure aluminum block is built for high performance cooling, and is designed for compatibility with a wide variety of Northbridge chipsets.

Zalman affixes a Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) mark to all components used for noiseless computers.

Innovative liquid cooling integrated Extreme Hybrid Enclosure
Integrated design for easy setup of a liquid cooled system
5mm sturdy aluminum panels prevent chassis vibration
Hinged side panels for convenient component installation and maintenance
Tool-free HDD installation bays
Comprehensive monitoring & display system
Weight: 95.3499 lb
Price: $1,036.76
Sale Price: $799.00
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